Hello I'm Cameron

A Freelance Designer & Developer

Building & Maintaining Website that emphasize Functionality & Looks

My clients include Finance, Education, Legal, Health, Marketer, Software Developer,….. and MORE


My Portfolio

Design vs Development


Attention to detail, Looks, Colours, Captivate, Excitement

These are feel and emotion that deal with Human

Website Design

Super HOT vs Simple but ELEGANT

Loud vs Subtle

In your face images vs Thousand word essay

Pick you poison or mix your own molotov cocktails

Branding & Logo

Splash of paint, colour coordinate that brand in with your office/shop/factory/product,…… that catapult your business images to the forefront in the segment of your industry

Add sound and visual in captivating you audience

Challenge your audience in activities to promote their needs to want of your products & services (**people needs a car, but they want a Mercedes-benz)

Content Strategy

Who is your target?

How do you pull them in?

Why land on your site and not your competitor?

What message you have for them?

How to turn your visitor toward pressing the “BUY “bottom?



Behaviour, Performance, Abilities to pull in targeted audience

These are the machanic and engine optimised for Machine 

Built From Scratch

Code in HTML5 add CSS and PHP onto back-end database – build for pure performance, total hardcore stuff

Then think again, who will maintain or make alternation to the code in the future

Need to strike a right balance

Choose a Premade Template

WordPress – tonnes of template with massive communities and commercial support

OsCommerce, ZenCart – deliver proven solution since early days of eCommerce, again with massive communities support

Their are many industrial specific Apps and Template to choose that enhance the functionalities and Looks to your website

Maintenance & Updates

How often new line of product & services being update?

If your website sell product, what are the consideration of inventory, pricing & margin, local & international tax and flight, what currency you use, how the exchange rate updated,…

If your website sell ticket, gift-card, e-booking,….e-anythings, add to the above consideration of reservation limit, support & delivery, SSL & security,…….


Process & Scope




Set the Theme
Stage the mood
Toy with Colour, Visual & Sound
Keep up with the excitement Content, Content & Content
“A picture is worth a thousand words”



Objective were met? or exceed!
Feed back and Quality of measurement
Area that needs to improve

Revise, Revise, Revise



Platform of choice
Infrastructure to obtain/lease
Environment best suited to our needs
Version, Release & Roll-back
Backup, Backup & Backup

Featured Work

Website Redesign

IT Service Provider / System Integrator

NetHighway provides IT&T services in the greater Sydney area, providing services: Hosting, VoIP, Remote Access solution, server & PC backup solution

Build from Scratch using HTML5, Criteria to meet Security & Performance

Their IT staff are well conversant to upkeep and maintain the code

Website Development

Software Developer – Deploy HTML5 Architecture

VMinaBox is a software developer producer of Pure Web base Remote Access solution, that allow user control of PC & Server remotely via ANY Browser

Criteria is to integrate it’s Demo system fully embedded 

Website Design, Development & System Integration


dentalnet.com.au/lms was developed for the purpose to promote distance learning and training

It enable from company training to remote teaching / marking tool for educator, teacher and tutor in assement of their student

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My Portfolio

About Me

Hello! I’m Cameron. I’ve Been Building Websites over 6 Years

Superficial to Deep, Looks vs Substance; these are quality that actually can co-exists in the wonderful world of WWW.

Difference on Design vs Development – Think of an Architect who have the grant vision of a monument, but may take 100’s of engineer and craftsman to make it happen

If your website design for a Businesses then we need to focus on ROI, in other word money!!!


  • Web Development
  • Web Design

Years of Experience

Design and Re-Design Projects

Case Support & Infrastructure


  • Built my  own website at the age of 12
  • Put together my own hosting and integrated with Google Apps
  • Promote CameronChan & CAM88K
  • Advanced knowledge in a range of video editing software (SonyVegas Pro/Premiere Pro)
  • Youtube experience since 2018 with a range of videos 


    • Final year High School Student
    • Learnt IT&SUPPORT through collaboration with my father-aiding him with multiple cases ranging but not limited to dental surgeries, Solicitors, mortgage brokers etc
    • A self taught photographer / cameraman to fuel my passion in Vlog and Web site building


  • Excelled in computer study at school
  • Excelled in Design&Tecnology during my highschool career
  • I actually get paid for doing things I enjoy
  • Heavy belief in the amount of effort you put in to your work you should equally put the amount of effort into yourelf- in my case i reward myself with sneakers and clothing, but as i age i will eventually move towards experiences > Materialism. But for now i enjoy my clothing 🙂 

“Attention of detail.”

Dave Walsh

“Quick learner.”

Jason Smith

“Reliable, .”

Brianna Thorn

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