About Me

Hello! I’m Cameron. I’ve Been Building Websites over 6 Years

Over the year, I’ve met some great people, who we form a group with common interest in Website Design & Development.

How I started

I started pure technical, the nuts and bolts of internet infrastructure – from configuration of router to building Linux server for hosting, it was challenging yet stimulating, nowadays we refer to these as clouds

This infrastructure enable internet to grow, whether it’s a simple email, chat to VoIP for betterment in communication, or building website to inform, promote and sell for individual or businesses, opportunity are boundless

How did I get into Web design?

From playing around and experimenting LAMP hosting, I got the opportunity to fix HTML issues for many of my client, then on to maintain their website, which include backup, migrate to Add/Move/Change of content and images

Thus get me exposure onto many higher level of apps, such as WordPress, OsCommerce, ZenCart,….. abilities to install, apply, config templates for functionalities or simply make the site look CLASSY AND AESTHETIC

Design vs Development

Think of an Architect who has to grant a vision of a monument, but that may take 100’s of engineer and craftsman over 100’s of year to make it happen.

Superficial to Deep

Looks vs Substance, Loud vs Subtle, In your face images vs Thousand word essay

These are quality that actually can co-exists in the wonderful world of WWW.

Now you got a Hot/Sexy yet Elegant/Subtle Website Design! What NEXT?

Many web-designer are extremely gifted in the LOOKs aspect, but often fail the “WHAT NEXT!”

The Concept of “Front-end” & “Back-end” 


This is where the Design, the LOOKs, the many content be as TXT, Images, Video or Sound

The page layout, ……




This is where “WHAT NEXT!”

Remember those 100’s of engineer and craftsman over 100’s years to make it happen!

The “Back-end” is a collection of machine/apps/software,… working away 24 x 7 execute the commands and re-adjust itself, applying it’s many AI for the pupose of,…

Now this is pure science – it bring in the bacon $$$. It deals with payment gateway, database, inventory, taxes, SEO, antispam, SSL…… these are technologies with a constant evolution in parameters, algorithm that deal with from security to search engine optimisation,… that provide the possibilities to pull visitor in, sell or allow subscription or booking your product and get PAID

In my view, the “Back-end” is the ever evolving dragon – needs to be respected and tame

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Social Media

Some facts on e-Commerce

Given the exponential growth in e-Commerce we have witness over the last 10 year

This trend will continue, we are seeing more and more traditional Brick & Mortar shop & store make changes to adopt to this phenomenon – to stay afloat

Phone, Address, faxes, offices, shopping arcade, queue up for bank teller, grocery shopping,……  

Mobile, E-mail, Scanner, internet banking, cryptocurrency, remote access, work from home, delivery,…..

All the above point to the fact that you need ME (well us!)

Where it be a design or redesign, power up your existing website, add booking or shopping cart, drop us a call – I CAN HELP!!!


I believe design is a process

I prototype and iterate

I design and build




Set the Theme
Stage the mood
Toy with Colour, Visual & Sound
Keep up with the excitement Content, Content & Content
“A picture is worth a thousand words”


Objective were met? or exceed!
Feed back and Quality of measurement
Area that needs to improve

Revise, Revise, Revise


Platform of choice
Infrastructure to obtain/lease
Environment best suited to our needs
Version, Release & Roll-back
Backup, Backup & Backup

Years of Experience

Design and Re-Design Projects

Case Support & Infrastructure


  • Built my  own website at the age of 12
  • Put together my own hosting and integrated with Google Apps
  • Promote CameronChan & CAM88K
  • Advanced knowledge in a range of video editing software (SonyVegas Pro/Premiere Pro)
  • Youtube experience since 2018 with a range of videos 


  • Final year High School Student
  • Learnt IT&SUPPORT through collaboration with my father-aiding him with multiple cases ranging but not limited to dental surgeries, Solicitors, mortgage brokers etc
  • A self taught photographer / cameraman to fuel my passion in Vlog and Web site building


    • Excelled in computer study at school
    • Excelled in Design&Tecnology during my highschool career
    • I actually get paid for doing things I enjoy
    • Heavy belief in the amount of effort you put in to your work you should equally put the amount of effort into yourelf- in my case i reward myself with sneakers and clothing, but as i age i will eventually move towards experiences > Materialism. But for now i enjoy my clothing 🙂 

Some of My Work


Dave Walsh


Jason Smith

“Duis .”

Brianna Thorn

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